DORMERO Hotel- und Kongresszentrum

Franckestraße 3a, 06108 Halle

In December 2015, TETRIS acquired the total area which forms the DORMERO Hotel and Congress Centre together with the roads on the Waisenhausmauer 11/11a, Franckestraße 3a and the Leipziger Straße 76/77 .

The DORMERO Hotel and Congress Centre has a shopping inside- and outside passage, student apartments, a restaurant, a parking garage and a hotel.

Total floor space: ca. 25,905.75 m² usable area

239 parking spaces are available in the parking garage.

Object addresses:
An der Waisenhausmauer 11/11a
Franckestraße 3a
Leipziger Straße 76/77
06108 Halle

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