Hirschstraße 9

Hirschstraße 9, 89073 Ulm

The Hirschstrasse in Ulm is one of the best retail areas in Germany. In 1998 the well-known Architect Michel expanded and totally converted what was earlier a more traditional retail store into the "WÖHRL Plaza". This combination of history and tradition with modern contemporary architecture makes this building one of the best retail properties of all.

Grand opening after conversion: 1998

The apparel assortment is completed by partners from the sectors of perfumes, shoes and a lifestyle-gastronomy.

Total rental area approx. 11,680 m² divided as follows:
Retail: approx. 10,836 m²
Gastronomy: approx. 533 m²
Office space: approx. 265 m²
Residence: approx. 46 m²

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