Kraischaer / Lockwitzer Str.

Kraischaer Straße 2, 01069 Dresden

This object is located in the most important business street of the district Strehlen, the Lockwitzer Straße. Together with the Wasa square it forms a district center with the DORMERO Hotel Königshof Dresden, bank branches, doctors, retailers and gastronomy in the southeast of Dresden.

The comfortable ****DORMERO Hotel with its ball room in the neo-renaissance style built in 1888 is located in close proximity to the people's park "Großer Garten" (big garden).

The hotel has 93 modern, rooms and suites flooded with light, 6 conference rooms, spa area, the bar and the restaurant.

In the years after 1989 a medical center, shopping areas and an underground parking garage were added. 

Hotel: space ca. 5,500 m²
Retail: space ca. 1,200 m²
Medical center: space ca. 900 m²
Underground parking: 139 parking spaces

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