Postplatz 12

Postplatz 12, 08523 Plauen

The Grand opening of this 10,150m² building complex was a sensation! This was the first inner-city project of its kind in the whole of Saxonia. From this day on Plauen had a city once again! The trade diversity was stimulating: The biggest fashion house, the largest selection of shoes, the most attractive sportswear, the most beautiful café, the largest book store and the biggest Chinese restaurant - the inner-city became alive again.

Grand opening: 1993

The total area covers 10,200 m² divided as follows:
Retail: approx. 8,298 m²
Café/Gastronomy: approx. 724 m²
Office space: approx. 1,070 m²
Residential: approx. 108 m²

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