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We  are a family office and only acquire for our own portfolio. This happens within the frame of a fixed, long-term investment strategy, so that our offers are always based on a secured funding.  

Reliability and confidentiality are our business principles and consequently every real estate offer is being checked conscentiously. Therefore we expect that your offers are serious, too,  and that you as a vendor actually dispose of a brokerage contract! Moreover we assume that you accept both our commission scheme and our handling procedures.

Further to the general evaluation guidelines, we also trust our "gut feeling" when evaluating offers! If the location is right, the object has a "hidden" charm and/or there is room for development, then we will include it in our test procedure.

Simple apartment buildings, specialty stores in the outskirts and logistics centres are therefore of no interest. 

Vacancies and/or restructuring measures are, however, no obstacle for us!

We are looking forward to a good cooperation.
Your TETRIS-Team


Buildings on plots owned by third parties (leasehold or comparable offers) as well as real estate that is partially owned are of no interest to us!

Retail, office, service, business

Excellent locations (in case of retail only 1A locations), also undeveloped sites or development projects. 


commercial buildings: office buildings, medical practice centers as well as multi tenant buildings

commercial property: only at 1A and 1B locations, large residential buildings at a good location

Germany: Bavaria, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg
Austria: Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna



Car parks

Without any operator, minimum 200 parking spaces in Bavaria and Berlin.


Without any operator (also land for construction), with a minimum of 100 rooms and a potential for 4**** urgently required in Augsburg, Hamburg, Munich, Würzburg. Hotels for lease: see requests for lease 

Commission schedule

Providers of real estate accept the following commission schedules when submitting their offers, even if higher rates should be indicated in the exposé:

Buyer commission = 3.0% plus VAT payable upon maturity of the purchase price.

If it is the first record confirmed by us, this fact will be later on communicated to later providers of the same object. Consequently providers agree that we will pass your name on to other providers as being the first or subsequent provider.

Our responsibility for paying a buying commission ends at all events, even in case of a potential later acquisition, 24 months after receipt of your offer.

Please send your offers exclusively and without any Cc, Bcc to: angebote(at)tetris-grundbesitz.de
or in writing to: TETRIS Grundbesitz GmbH & Co. KG, Schlossweg 14, 91244 Reichenschwand.

All other kinds of offers will be classified to be not received and will not be processed!

Hint: If you should not be assigned by the owner, but only cooperate with the assigned real estate agent, we kindly ask you to mention your partner and who will be entitled to the commission in case of success. We assure confidentiality. 

Testing procedure

We only process offers, that contain an exact address, object description, rental income as well as the seller's price expectations. If these preconditions are met, we will answer as follows:

  • Object does not meet our expectations = you will get a cancellation
  • Object is already known = reference to first provider
  • Object is marginal = will be visited occasionally without appointment, then we will answer
  • Objekt is interesting = confirmation of the first record and proposals

All correspondence should then be made exclusively through angebote(at)tetris-grundbesitz.de re. with your named contact person.

We kindly ask you to refrain from advance and further inquiries by phone!

DATA PROTECTION AND CONFIDENTIALITY: By following this search profile, we give you the permission to save our email addresses, ours postal addresses, the presentation of bids in digital or analogue form and storage the data collected in this context. By entering your offer, you agree that all data of your offer stored mechanically and electronically with us and kept for 10 years. We ensure you absolute confidentiality and the data will only be forwarded to persons who commission the processing are. If you wish to prematurely delete the data, please inform us immediately.

Lease requirements

Hotels for lease, minimum 100 rooms in the 4**** sector are searched by the DORMERO Hotel AG in Germany, Austria and Switzerland www.dormero.de

Please send offers directly and exclusively to executive director: development(at)dormero.de

good location - better business

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